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About ISKMogul

Hi. my names Justin, and I'm the founder of ISKMogul. The site started in 2014 out of my personal passion for games like EVE Online, and growth has been meteoric since then. ISKMogul has expanded into covering many different games over the years, and it's something I would really like to keep doing

Why Patreon?
I have plenty of plans for the future, but sadly, work and life get in the way at most times. So here we are, with an ambitious plan to expand our reach within the wonderful gaming industry. A big part of that plan is to make the site more independent from advertising and outside influence. Advertising is where the majority of our revenue comes from for ISKMogul, and eventually I want to move away from that, entirely if possible.

What Will we do With the Money?
In short, pay our writers more. It has always been my goal when it came to writers to share the majority of the profits the site makes with the people who create the content we enjoy. So step one is giving a more competitive rate to those content creators, that way they feel justly rewarded for the effort they put in.

ISKMogul will also push new forms of content to the forefront. I'm developing plans in the background to develop video and podcast content in the future, for example. The increased reliance on advertising that this kind of content would normally require—I hate sponsored ad reads in YouTube content—so I really don't want that in this new content. Having Patreon to help backstop revenues will allow me to rely a lot less on advertising for everything ISKMogul does.

Rewards and Funding Tiers
Unfortunately at this stage there won't be any rewards for backers. However, it's crucial to note that there won't be any paywall to any of our content in the future. Our content will remain free and available to everyone.
$0 of $300 per month
Reducing the volume of adverts on our site is our first major goal. Our ads are placed via an ad-testing system, so if we manage to reach this funding level, we will begin the process of culling ad placements. This won't completely eliminate ads on the site, but it will cut out several in-content ads that users see. We estimate that we can cut advertising placements by a couple of ads per page with this amount of revenue, this should reduce ad presence by roughly 25%.
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