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is creating SCP Readings and Animations
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Class D is pretty cool cause you get some COOL stuff

-Discord Patreon Role
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-You get to request any SCP and we'll do it
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Researcher will get previous tiers rewards AND
-level 4 access
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-Generally just a cool guy

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Security Guard has access to all previous and

-each month you can request any Document on The SCP Site.
-You are put in a list at the end of the video for the Patreons but You get a vocal thank you.

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About Inside The Foundation

Hello,We are SCP: Inside the Foundation.
We Make SCP Readings videos for people who care enough or are interested enough to watch them.So Far in our Future, We plan to start making some more complicated Videos including possible illustrated/Animated Readings and more.
I(Crouch),The Directo of SCP: ITF Want to pay the crew as well,even though it was listed as an unpaid project,This will be long-term and I want to show them that they made this little dream of mine come true.
(note:Intro Video is still being made,At the time I will use the latest video to show what we're doing)

$0 of $10 per month
If I can reach just a basic 10 Dollars each month,I can then start paying my crew for their hard work.
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