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For a single, solitary buck, you've got my shocked thanks.  Seeing as I suck at crowdsourcing . . . I'm not kidding about that shocked thanks.  So THANK YOU.

Thick Advice

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Simply put: you get to ask me a question about writing and I'll give you specific advice. Perhaps a list of options for making your short story hum. Or advice on making your psychic serial killer stand out. Please add specifics to your question, so that I can tailor you the best response.

TANSOM, Volume 1

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 An hour of short story audio tracks, from my latest works.  Hope you don't mind my reading voice.  :0) 



About Marcus V. Calvert

Who am I?

I’m that guy with the unfettered imagination who doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere.  Who thinks up storylines like: "a vampire owing child support" or "how aliens could be responsible for a zombie apocalypse."

Put me in a cubicle and it’s hell.  A warehouse floor, kitchen, or anything else not involving creative thought?  About the same.  Think of me as a compulsive writer who comes up with more ideas than I could ever hope to put to paper/CPU.

I wrote my first anthology, Unheroic, in 2011.
The Book Of Schemes (2012) was another anthology.
Protected (2013) was my third.

By then, people were screaming at me to write a novel.  Something about my short stories not being long enough (oy!).  I ended up banging out a super villain trilogy called I, Villain:

I, Villain
Murder Sauce (2015)
Frag Code (2016)

By 2014 I picked up my entrepreneurial self-confidence. By late 2015, I quit my long-time day job and went full-on.  Then my long-time self-publishing firm (under new management) crapped on me, via a mix of lousy customer service and unit price increases.  Long-story-short, I had to retire all SIX of my first-edition books.

Truly ruined my 2016.

Now, after many ups and downs, I’ve got 2nd Editions out under the following titles:

Unheroic: Book One
(currently on Amazon/Kindle)
Unheroic: Book Two (currently on Amazon/Kindle)
I, Villain (currently on Amazon/Kindle)
Murder Sauce (currently on Amazon/Kindle)
Frag Code (currently on Amazon/Kindle)
The Book Of Schemes: Book I (currently on Amazon/Kindle)
The Book Of Schemes: Book II (currently on Amazon/Kindle)
Batchery: Volume 1 (currently on Amazon/Kindle)
Coin Game (currently on Amazon/Kindle)
Batchery: Volume 2 (currently on Amazon/Kindle)
The Book Of Schemes: Book III (currently on Amazon/Kindle)

Batchery: Volume 3 (Spring, 2021)
Unheroic: Book Three (Summer, 2021)
Scorched Mind (postponed indefinitely) -
the next novel in the I, Villain universe.

So, that’s enough about me.  My goal’s to drop a ton of awesome books before I die—simple as that.  If you want to follow me on my website,, thanks.  If you want to help me on Patreon, double-thanks. You can also follow me on Facebook ("Tales Unlimited - Author Page")


Marcus V. Calvert
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That's the typical cost for the cover art for my novels and short story anthologies. Anything you can throw toward it would be truly appreciated.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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