Marcus V. Calvert is creating Science Fiction & Super Villain Lit.

My Shocked Thanks

$1 /creation
For a single, solitary buck, you've got my shocked thanks.  Seeing as I suck at crowdsourcing . . . I'm not kidding about that shocked thanks.  So THANK YOU.

Thick Advice

$5 /creation
Simply put: you get to ask me a question about writing and I'll give you specific advice. Perhaps a list of options for making your short story hum. Or advice on making your psychic serial killer s...

TANSOM, Volume 1

$10 /creation
 An hour of short story audio tracks, from my latest works.  Hope you don't mind my reading voice.  :0) 

Plotline Consulting

$100 /creation
If you're storyline's even remotely sci-fi-related, I can help you make it better and easier to finish.

Goody Stack

$150 /creation
A signed copy of my (8) paperback titles.  Retail value's $200.00, so you'd be getting a nifty little ($50) discount.

Ghostwriting Grab Bag

$400 /creation
Hit me with one of these and I'll have no choice but to write randomly-inspired short stories over the next 30 days.  Whatever short stories I create are yours (rights and all).