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About Improvised Weapons

First off, whether you're here because we sent you or you found this page all on your lonesome, thank you! Really; like, as sincere a thank you as we can muster. 

So, who are we? We are the intrepid adventurers of the Von Daemos Adventuring Syndicate, a.k.a. the DM and players of Improvised Weapons; an actual play 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Podcast featuring comedians & improvisers in the great state of VT. We put out new episodes every Wednesday at 9 am (EST).

But we're not just your mom & pop podcast shop! We also do live shows in the area. We've recorded episodes at Vermont Comedy Club, at The Long Game benefit for Alzheimer's research, and 2 years running at the tabletop convention Carnage Con. We're always looking for something new to do and somewhere new to go, your patronage helps us do both those things! Think of the possibilities! Cool merch to show off your fandom, better equipment for a smoother listening experience, cameras so we can stream our games live, and the ability for us to travel farther afield getting that much closer to world domination. You make it all possible, and for that we raise a flagon!

We're so happy to share our adventures with you and we hope to keep doing so for many moons.

So, click that 'Become a Patron' button to join the party and know that you are joining an elite group of ruffians, ne'er-do-wells, and scallawags. 

Now, let's hit it and crit it!
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This will allow our Friendly Neighborhood DM to take a step back from the ol' day job and focus more on the podcast. You may not know it, but he not only DMs for the show, he also does all the recording, editing, and post production. It's a lot of work and he'd love to be able to sleep normal hours and see his loved ones.
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