Improvised Weapons is creating Podcasts


$1 /mo
  • Our Eternal Gratitude
  • Special Treats!
  • Access to any custom items/subclasses/spells/lore we design


$5 /mo
  • All previous rewards
  • Shout out on the podcast
  • Access to a weekly reaction podcast recorded right after each episode


$10 /mo
  • All previous rewards
  • Access to our DMs notes


$25 /mo
  • All previous rewards
  • Custom voicemail message by the player or NPC of your choice (updateable once per month)

Rich Nerd

$100 /mo
  • All previous rewards
  • FOR LOCAL VERMONTERS OR THOSE WILLING TO TRAVEL TO THE AREA: You can privately sit in on a recording session (2-3 episodes), hearing and seeing everything first...


$110 /mo
  • We will run your ad (pre-produced or read by us) during our episode intro for 4 episodes (in a row)
  • Ads to not exceed 2 min (120 seconds worth of content)
  • All previous rewards accessible as well