Iain is creating JavaScript with Hardware, Open Source Code, Design, and Robots!

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Thank you for supporting me! For that, you get access to my Patreon feed, as well as getting to see content before the public does. In addition, your questions become top priority in the monthly chat stream!
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This is similar to the $1 perk, but you just want to give me a little bit extra. Thank you! You're so kind. 🤗
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Woo! You really want to help me, so you get some extra perks. You'll be able to get to see my finished projects before other patrons and get access to files and products before the public does, as well as previous rewards.
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You're a super fan! If you have a Github account, I'll let you access my private repos and you can access my projects while they are still in development! This also includes previous rewards!