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I was Born and raised in the tropical island of Grand Cayman, and was surrounded by island culture and its music, as my dad was a musician.  I moved to the US at the age of 12 and fell in love with the hip hop and urban culture. Mix this with my proud Caribbean roots, is how i get my unique mix of Tropical island sounds, and urban hip-hop. Trinidadian by blood (A southern island in the caribbean) I grew up around a diverse array of island music, that influences my sounds today.

I love this craft, but sometimes, it gets expensive as a musician. The only reason money matters to, is so I can create more music, and give back.

Join me on my journey as I try to make an impact, and leave my mark on the world. 
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When I hit 500 per month ill release a special podcast of me interviewing 1 patron each month.
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