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About IceArtz

I am a freelance character animator who loves breathing life into my drawings! In order to do so, I create various animated content on my YouTube Channel (IceArtz), DeviantArt account (Ice-Artz), Twitter (@IceArtz), and Instagram (Ice_Artz).

My dream is to make a living off of my artwork, as I have a huge passion for art (especially animation), so my Patreon page and commissions have been the beginning of that. I am currently an animation student at the Savannah College of Art and Design, so your support here will not only help me pay for classes, bills, and food, but it will also allow me more time to do personal work and work on larger projects! 

If you support me here, it will give me more time to focus on my artwork so I can create even more for you guys to see!
I may even throw in a few extra rewards if I get enough pledges. >:3c

I also take commissions!
OR you can buy merchandise at my Redbubble Store.

Current Projects: 
- Super Secret Project :o
- Animated Skits and Practice Studies

What am I paying for?

Support, IceArtz Commission Discounts, Monthly Random Drawing Event, Behind-the-scenes of my work, and lots of other Rewards! Check out what rewards you can receive to the right!
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Previously the "Niclu Observer" tier, this tier will become a temporary tip jar starting August.

(This is due to Patreon taking a much larger cut from $1 tiers than $2+ tiers. If you'd like to support the creator more than Patreon AND receive rewards, feel free to become a $2+ patron!)

Niclu Observer
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 - A big digital thank-you hug!

- Your name in the credits of future videos thanking you for your support.  

- Access to screenshots of future animations and artworks.  

- A chance to receive a piece of art from the Monthly Random Draw Event. 

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- All previous rewards

- 5% discounts on all commissions listed in my commissions info page (screenshot verification required).

- Early access to completed works from days to weeks before they are released (drawings, paintings, animations, etc.)

- Videos of animation WIPs and previews.

$9 of $40 per month
With this amount, I'll be able to start including more detailed shading in the Monthly Random Drawing, as well as extra headshots. OR I could start doing TWO random drawings a month instead of one! It'll be your choice when we get there!
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