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You'll see «Sparrow and Gull» watercolor illustrations in hi-res. I also posting non-edited scans of these, so you can see the final result way earlier than others. Occasionally there appearing some sketches and hi-res of other pics.

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3$ tier rewards plus study sketches and drawings for my projects, WiPs, more sketches and sometimes 18+ bonus illustrations!




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About IcebergLonely

Hello! I'm Iceberg Lonely, freelance female illustrator located in St.-Petersburg, Russia. In my spare time I drawing comics dedicated to topics I'm interested in - music, creativity, complex relationships between people (not necessary romantic). My comics includes some explicit content, but when I think it works on plot only.

Main character of my stories is Jack Crash - House Sparrow, Russian musician playing in funk metal band CRASH'N'CASH who wants to be a star and create unique music. Herring Gull Lizzy - his best friend and muse since they both were teens, a beak doctor, writting music as a hobby. Their relationships complex and include sexual tension. Rikki the Rook feels offended on Jack because of events happened years ago and envy to his musical talents. He wants to spoil Jack's life and prevent his success. Also Rikki dated Lizzy for a short time and regrets about their break up. 

Patreon created to people who would like to support my projects with their financially - it's more important than it seems, because as person drawing lots of commercial art I often feeling too exhausted for drawing personal stuff. 


«Sparrow and Gull» - full-colored watercolor silent (withoit words) book dedicated to the first year of Jack and Lizzy's romantic relationships. Started in 2019, but I forced to put this project aside multiple times during these years. I made drawings for first two parts and partially for the third part. Coloring Part One. 

«Sleeplessness and Other Stories» - anthology of comic stories. Jack is 23, he just got contract with European music label and wants to create the best album possible. Lizzy found serious relationships with young and handsome orthodontist Timothy and spending with him lots of time, so Jack feels rejected and lonely. He's dealing with insomnia and the fact they're adult people now, so things can't be same forever. Lizzy busy with building up her beak surgeon career. She understanding she has less free time now and can't go on parties and gigs as much as she used to before, as well as she can't write music or sing regularly. And Timothy seems to be.... Too normal. And too busy with his own work. Rikki hates the fact Jack's band on label now. He wants to be cool musician, too. Or maybe it's easier just to spoil Jack's life? 
All stories happening in night or evening. 
I have rough scripts and storyboards for all stories and doing some research. 

«Yablonovsky sad» - watercolor erotic comic with Jack and Lizzy in the very beginning of their romantic relationships. Don't plan to start drawing pages in nearest time, but doing some studies, sketches and storyboards in my spare time for relaxing. 

I hope you'll enjoy my stuff!

Feel free read more about characters on my public sources:
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Enough to pay for my art education and work on "Hair Metal Loser" on almost full-day basis!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 450 exclusive posts

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