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You'll also get the 'Sweet Patron' discord role on my server!  

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This Patreon is intended for adults. Please be of legal age before viewing.

Hey there! Semura here, though some of you may know me as Icy-Marth, as that's my artist handle I've had since 2009. As of now, I'm just a freelance/hobbyist artist, who loves drawing dragons and animals :)

My goal with Patreon is like a tip jar of sorts, but with extra goodies. Starting at $5 you begin to get discounts on commissions, as well as patrons in general get priority when commissions open. Along with those, you can also see personal art months before I release it publicly as well as sketch wips of both commissions and personal art.
I'm always open to suggestions for new rewards to offer!

If you would like to support me but do not want to do so every month, I always accept donations via PayPal!

Here is my Discord Server!
This is a place for anyone to hang out! Via Discord is also the best way to get a hold of me should you need anything. If you have any suggestions for channels/content for the server, don't hesitate to make a suggestion!
Just a dollar will get you access to the Patron channels - but you don't need to be a Patron to join!

Places you can find me:

FurAffinity | DeviantART | Twitter | Tumblr | Facebook | FurryNetwork | SoFurry
Discord: Semura#9147 | Telegram: @IcyMarth

$112.52 of $300 per month
When this goal is reached, I'll up the character poll to be a two character image! (top two voted characters are drawn together
When there is 10+ images done like this, I will compile them all into a ZIP folder and bundle it as a portfolio for others to purchase who aren't Patrons.
The entirety of this goal will be put toward living expenses such as groceries or bills.
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