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is creating The Best FiveM Server

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Get monthly access to $50k in game money, and stand out from the rest with a Bronze discord rank!
Includes Discord benefits
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Get $275k per month! Plus a sexy silver discord role.
Includes Discord benefits
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Get $1m per month in-game cash! Plus everyone on the Discord server will know how important you are with your gold role. You also get a priority space in the queue, so you don't have to wait in line. On top of all of that, you get to pick a car that will be added to the game, and get one!*

*Car must be compatible with FiveM, and be RP-appropriate (yes, no tanks)
Includes Discord benefits


Our goal is to create and maintain the best FiveM server out there.
Player support will help us continue to upgrade the server, allowing it to run more smoothly and offer a better experience for everyone.

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