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Thank you for showing an interest in our cause!  We're working hard every day to shed light on a subject that the US media would rather ignore. Your contributions are essential for us to continue and expand our work. 

The facts of the matter are these:
  • The United States government gives Israel over 10 million dollars of your tax money every day – on average, 7,000 times more per capita than to others around the world.
  • The Israeli government uses your hard earned money to maintain an apartheid state that discriminates against Palestinians along both racial and religious lines. Muslims, Christians, and others are discriminated against.
  • The ever expanding Israeli settlements are unlawful under international law.
  • Israel was created in 1948 through violent dispossession of the original inhabitants and the destruction of numerous Palestinian villages. 
  • In 1967 Israel launched a war to take even more Palestinian land. It also dispossessed Syrians in the Golan Heights. It is illegal under international law to acquire land through warfare.
  • During this war Israeli forces tried to sink a US Navy ship, the USS Liberty, killing 34 American servicemen and injuring at least 174. 
  • Since 2000, close to 10,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israelis in one form of attack or another, including over 2,000 children. Palestinians are daily treated cruelly and violently. Men, women, and children are rounded up every day and imprisoned. Fathers and mothers are frequently humiliated; they are unable to protect their children. When they try to resist this treatment, the US media calls them "terrorists."
  • The lobby for Israel largely dominates U.S. policies, often to the detriment of Americans. Members of the lobby have also been instrumental in pushing for other wars on behalf of Israel that have produced untold tragedy and misery.
We think that If Americans Knew these facts, they would be outraged and the funding of Israel would come to an end.  If you feel the same way, please become our patron, so that we can continue this crucial work.

Thank you!

- The If Americans Knew Team

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