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Milestone Goals
Production costs for episode 2
$2,500 per None
- Actors and Crew wages
- food for cast and crew
- location rentals
- costumes
- makeup effects
- post production (sound design, digital fx)


San Francisco, CA, USA
We are Tony Sommers and Dan R. Harris and we're producing a horror web series, I Killed the Devil.  We have over 30 years of combined experience in the film industry and we've brought together a very talented cast and crew to make this happen.

This is no ordinary found-footage-I-was-possessed-by-the-devil! horror series but an atmospheric, adult horror series made for people who appreciate Hammer horror films and the films of David Lynch (strange combo, we know).  We think that I Killed the Devil is unique and because of that we've been referring to it as "an urban gothic" rather than horror. And what better setting for an urban gothic than they fog-lined alleyways of San Francisco?

I Killed the Devil will be presented in 10 episodes of approximately 10 minutes each. We plan on presenting a new episode every 2 months, finances allowing, and posting each episode on our website

Your support will help cover some production costs and allow us to complete episode 3.

We've posted a link to the first episode. Click on the scary looking guy above, watch, and enjoy! 

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