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About I Love Batucada

Hello, my name is Amy Cadle and I Love Batucada! I have been studying and performing Brazilian music since 2003 and would love to share the information I have learned with you. I have been to Brasil 5 times, most recently in 2019 to parade in Carnaval and perform in the Baterias of the samba schools Beija Flor and Portela. I currently am the director of the Bateria of Super Sonic Samba School in San Diego, CA.

Here I will give videos on the basics of technique on all the instruments, the basic groove, classic and modern breaks, and much more. The funds from this page will always go towards investing in future trips to Brazil where I will learn more material to share here!
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When I reach $200 a month I will add a monthly video that I like to call Amy Noodles.  Basically me paying around on an instrument, working on developing solo ideas or breaks.  Get a glimpse into the creative process and how I work techniques into my repertoire
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