ILYA are creating MUSIC

A pick n mix of songs each month!

$1 /mo
At the beginning of each month we will put a mixture of downloadable recorded songs and live videos. Lots of original songs but also some covers for fun!

All of tier 1 and an ILYA Karaoke

$5 /mo
The pick n mix of goodies and an Ilya instrumental and lyric sheet.

One off payment - A song written specifically for you!

$1,000 /mo
Whether it be just for you or a present for a loved one, we will write and record you a special song incorporating sentiments, names or particular words you request.

One Off Payment - Ilya duo gig anywhere in the world!

$2,500 /mo
You pay our travel and accomodation expenses and we will come to you and peform for £2,000 (or approx $2,500)