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About Mr. Imhotep

Hey guys!

As we talked about it on the pages, here is the Patreon page needed. Now you can officially support the project. I know that you appreciate the content, but let me tell you that what has been done is nothing compared to what can be done. But in order to create the best content possible, we need many tools. And especially A LOT of Art and accurate depictions of all the different themes. Why ? Because the African Image has been destroyed. In order to understand why, it's necessary, I think, to think about what the racists invaders did and wonder why they were doing these actions. When Africa has been invaded, the colonizers destroyed systematically all the evidences of civilization in these African kingdoms they invaded.They had to erase their past, their culture, to uproot them completely.


Because they had to make  it look like they conquered "nobodies", and you can do whatever you want to "nobodies". In society, you can't go and hurt innocent people for no reason. If you do that, the majority will attack YOU, because it's socially forbidden to act that way. But when that person you are oppressing is removed from society, it makes it easier to do whatever you want to him.
You just need to rewrite a new story about him. You just have to say all sorts of lies and justify the worst treatments because they are nobodies, they are inferior beings, they are animals, they are cursed by God, who decided that they should be the slaves of the other people... In other words, you just have to destroy their image first. It will make it easier to justify your bad behavior towards them. For example, if I say that someone is a criminal, and I attack him publicly, most people will think that he deserves it, and many will even join me in order to hurt that person.
That's exactly what happened to the people of Africa.

The image of the African people has been erased and replaced by a new one. In other words, the colonizers REBRANDED AFRICA. They designed a new "negative image" for the people of Africa and started to create a lot of FAKE and DESTRUCTIVE art and theories to justify these lies. In fact, all the REAL art and the reputation of the African people that existed until then, was saying the exact opposite of what they wanted to be true. So, they had to DESTROY, ERASE or WHITEWASH, when they could not destroy the originals, and then CREATE a new one that will be spread everywhere in the media. Africans lost their TRUE identity and got REBRANDED by their oppressors. And these actions have had profound repercussions in our society. The African is hated everywhere on this planet because most people associate him with the worst things. It's almost as if the African people had no history and was the least advanced one on this planet. That all the other people created things but the Africans stagnated since the beginning of times.

The most common attacks are related to slavery, mud huts, poverty, lack of intelligence, violence...
All these things are stereotypes created by the oppressors. I can say that because when we look at the most ancients writings about the African people, we see the exact opposite. The people of Africa were known as the "blameless Ethiopians" by the ancient Greeks for example. The Greeks believed that when their gods came on earth, they went to meet the Africans first because they were their favorite people. When I say facts like that to people, they struggle to believe me. Why ? Because we still live in that lie created in order to bring the African people down. Even Africans struggle with these truth. It does not make sense to them...


When I started to study African History, The TRUE African History, I felt good. I felt healed. I started to love myself truly for the first time. I started to see the beauty in me. But there was still a problem. Every single time I was looking for depictions of that history, I could find none.
Everywhere, in the books, the documentaries, EVERYWHERE ! There was only fake versions of these truth. And I realized at some point that these fake versions, were actually maintaining the illusion that Africa was inferior, that the only great civilizations created on that continent were created by foreigners with white skins... They were creating doubts in my mind, even though I already knew the truths, seeing these fake depictions were extremely disturbing. I realized that it had a psychological effect on me. Then I wondered : I know the truth now, but these depictions are still creating confusion in me. What about those who does not know the truth ?
What effect do these fake depictions have on them ?
And the answer was simple. It makes it IMPOSSIBLE for them to understand and accept the truth.

That's why Imhotep exists. The goal is to talk about history, but not only with words. But to bring these words to life, with an accuracy in the art. We have to recreate the world of our ancestors. To bring the right platform that will be used as a reference for the people. A place where people will be able to learn the true African History but also to SEE it. A place where we will feel proud of our backgrounds. It will be a huge work. But it's possible if we work together.

Did you know that a lot of art that we are shown about ancient European History is fake ? When I say fake, I mean it has been created way later after the disappearance of the civilizations and people concerned. There is no accuracy at all. The people just decided to rewrite their history according to the idea they wanted. And they just did it and depicted it with the love they had for it. Now, it's the turn of Africa, to rewrite its own history, and bring its leaders to life.
Leaders who will look like their people and not like foreigners. 
We are not planning to change a lot of things and depict things randomly. The goal will be to recreate it according to the remains, to history, and all the facts that we will find. We have a lot of statues, mummies and paintings. We will use it to bring our history to life. These elements will be used by the people in the community as symbols to talk about our history. 

You already know how much I care about our History. You know how much effort I put in our content. Now I'm telling you that it's nothing compared to what we will be able to do if we fund ourselves. We are the solution. Europe won't do it for Africa and the African leaders are too corrupted to care about the most important things. We have no choice but to do it ourselves.


I already contacted many artists since last year. 
I sent thousands of e-mails and most people declined the offers.
But a few people decided to give it a try.
And I promised them that if they helped, I would find a way to help them too.
It was also one of my motivation. I gave my best for them too.
We can work with these amazing artists, and start recreating our History. But they are professionals, they have lives and it's their job. They can't just do things for free. And a part of your funds will be used to pay these people. Another part will be used to buy the elements we need to create some content of better quality. And also for the website (It will allow us to secure our content and the creations, Social media are still risky. The website will be like to engrave in the rock, and let it be available for all the people).  As I said above, we need A LOT of Art for better videos, documentaries, pictures, maps, everything that we need to talk about the TRUE HISTORY of Africa. Now it's up to you. If you really understood why this was important, support the family.
Any kind of support will be appreciated. I want everything to remain free in order to be able to reach the whole community. We could restrict some content, but I feel like it will be counter productive.We come from so far, we are already late. We need the people to know now.
The goal is to promote Africa and reach all the Africans on this planet no matter their position in society.

PS: I thought about A Go Fund me campaign to finance the whole thing, but Patreon is obviously the best solution. The Patrons will have an early access to the content and will have many other gifts. We are working on it. You guys are the real Mvps and I know that we will make it happen.
I think that we will need around 2K to be able to make this sustainable for the artists creations only.

24 of 500 patrons
When we reach at least 500 patrons, we’ll start a special podcast series where we will interview many scholars.
We'll also start to create a series or special videos on African History. Some sorts of documentaries. The goal is to be able to CREATE original content to teach African History to the community. The true History of Africa is not shared, that is why we want to do it.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 42 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 42 exclusive posts

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