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My name is Rebecca, better known as Immelmann. I run a furry sci-fi horror comic called The Order of the Black Dog. In the past, I was known for Concession and Ballerina Mafia. Here's my FurAffinity, by the way.

With a rather large story that will take years to get through, I want to be able to make as many pages per month as I can, but pages take a whole day (sometimes longer!), so I need your help! Pledging to this Patreon helps me dedicate more of my time towards this passion project that I care so much and less time worrying about bills and food.

You get some cool rewards, of course. Here's some more info on them:

Field Reports are non-canon blurbs about your character (presumably your fursona, right?) going off on monthly missions as an agent of the Special Investigations Unit, a paranormal government agency in the world of Black Dogs. These will usually be weird and comedic, and your character will make it home safe - they've got next month's mission to do, after all! Here's a sample!

A bit of extra money will get you a one time headshot drawing of your character as an SIU agent. All these reports and any of the icons will be collected into one big image and released monthly.

Secret Agents get a nice big one-off gift, their Casualty Report, a canon story describing their character meeting a weird fate. Are they killed by cultists, turned into a statue, or teleported to a different dimension? I Guess we'll see! Because this story is canon (meaning, at least, the story itself exists in a magazine or book in the world), I'm a little more strict as to what characters appear - dragons and sergals don't exist, after all. This is something we'll discuss and negotiate. This tier may have more rewards added in the future!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 647 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 647 exclusive posts

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