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We were told, "START THE SPIRIT PANTRY© and STOCK THE SHELVES! There will be no lack in the SPIRIT PANTRY. All will be fed. Bring all your HOLY OFFERINGS to ONE PLACE where people can give and receive them. In the SPIRIT PANTRY© you will Serve the people with Truth, Simplicity, Love, and Service―the SOUL FOOD of PASSION and COMPASSION that I have instructed you to GIVE. GET WITH IT, and HAVE FUN GIVING, BABAJI !"

There you have what this is all about. It is for us to learn to GIVE our SOUL FOOD of PASSION and COMPASSION. That is the only LAW we are under in GOD'S Universe.

"I AM UNDER NO LAW'S BUT GOD'S is lesson #76 in A Course in Miracles. And the LAW is "GOD ONLY GIVES." So we Give to you from our Divine Joy and you give to us from your Divine Joy in the fair exchange of THE SPIRIT PANTRY for a PASSIONATE LIFE.

Replenish Yourself with the SOUL FOOD of PASSION and COMPASSION in the "SPIRIT PANTRY."
Fill your inner basket from the SHELVES of new possibilities and find the things you need for a more productive and meaningful life. Fill your cornucopia to the brim from this Holy Trove of Divine Sustenance. Here are the shelves in the pantry:

🥂SHELF #1. Relationships Help
SHELF #2. Liberation Breathing
🍏SHELF #3. Books, Videos, Posts
🍑SHELF #4. "Lately I've Been Thinking"
🍇SHELF #5. "Art Look" and Inspiration
🍞SHELF #6. Seminars and Classes
🥨SHELF #7. Worldwide Sacred Quests
🍒SHELF #8. Lectures and Public Talks
🍦SHELF #9. Spiritual Masters
🍭SHELF #10. A Course in Miracles

These are just some of the SHELVES of essential items provided now. They will increase as we engage with you and find out more about your aspirations and PASSIONS! We are stocking the shelves now and look forward to our engagements! All will be fed in the SPIRIT PANTRY. No one will be turned away.

Be part of THE SPIRIT PANTRY for a MEANINGFUL LIFE and replenish yourselves with SOUL FOOD. Join us in our Celebration of a Life of Pure Joy as we meet your spiritual needs in the SPIRIT PANTRY @ Immortal Ray.

For more than 45 years Sondra Ray and Markus Ray have been uplifting people with their books, lectures, seminars, Quests, paintings, and Soul Food―pouring tremendous time, thought, love, and resources into their international outreach and mission. If you find Pure Joy and solace in this labor of love, please consider becoming a Sustaining Patron of THE SPIRIT PANTRY© with a recurring monthly Love Offering of your choosing, between your morning coffee and your next Spiritual Replenishment. Your support really helps us spread Truth, Simplicity, Love, and Service around the World. And in this Exchange, we are all under no laws but God's as we revel in the PURE JOY of Only Giving!



Sondra Ray
& Markus Ray are international teachers and writers of 33 books who lift people to their High Road of Spiritual and Metaphysical Well Being. Sondra is the "Mother of Rebirthing" who was one of the first Rebirthers in the world back in 1974. In the 1960s she was an original Peace Corps Volunteer during Kennedy's era. Later in the 1960s she served as an Air Force Nurse during the Vietnam War. In the 1970s she pioneered the power of our own breath to heal us and enlighten us, igniting the worldwide Breathwork Movement along with Leonard Orr. She created The Loving Relationships Training® to help people embrace the new paradigm for conflict-free relationships. Now in 2020, Breathwork and Loving Relationships are needed more than ever. Liberation Breathing® is what their form of Breathwork is called now. It is truly a total Rebirthing. One session of Liberation Breathing® is a profound "rebooting"  of your whole life. It is a Spiritual bath of Well Being. The Loving Relationships Training® is also offered in many countries and online. Sondra & Markus consult many private patrons and clients internationally with private Liberation Breathing Sessions over ZOOM. 

Markus Ray is an artist, writer, and powerful modern painter specializing in portraits and Ikons of Spiritual Masters. He is the creator of ART LOOK--an Art Lover's Companion. Markus is also a teacher of A Course in Miracles, the important modern-day Scripture of Christ's teachings in these times―America's "Gift for All Mankind," a term Markus's master teacher Tara Singh gave to this essential work. Together, Sondra and Markus write books together and provide an example of Spiritual Intimacy, working as a Couple in the Twin Flame Energy. They co-create books, Transformational Seminars and Videos, online and in-person Liberation Breathing Sessions, and Portrait Paintings of the Spiritual Masters and clients. They work globally out of their Washington DC. home base. You can see the interesting things they are up to these days at and
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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