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Hi there! My name is Shannon, and I run a small (but growing!) blog called 'In Asian Spaces'.
Many moons ago, in what feels like a different lifetime now - I was bullied. Dissatisfied with the current 'real world' then, I dove headfirst into anime. I stayed up all night sometimes watching different TV shows on Adult Swim. Later searching for them online on the rudimentary 'steaming' services available at the time, that now no longer exist.

This went on for years. Purchasing books on Japanese culture, teaching myself the language by trying to copy the hiragana and katakana on Naruto Shippuden ED screens. Finally, after years of accumulated knowledge and customs I never thought would be put to use - I got a job at a Japanese cultural center. It was completely by chance, but up until that point - it was the happiest period in my life.

Everything I saw through anime, TV shows, films, and even read in manga seemed to hold some degree of truth. I could now experience the culture firsthand, and it completely changed my life for the better.

After leaving that job due to circumstances beyond my control, I was lost.

I floundered a bit, before starting a small blog meant to be a portfolio until I found remote work. Deciding to write about Japan in a blog post one day gained a lot of attention, so I continued. Then, reporting on a convention garnered even more, and the website has morphed into what it is today: an exploration of facets of Japanese culture, animation, conventions, and everything in-between.

When I was lonely, there were YouTubers and Bloggers who left a trail for me. To learn what to do - and what not to do at a convention. How many times you should ideally bow when in a Japanese business setting. Or, how to correctly conduct 'meishi koukan', or exchange business cards as to not offend the giver.

I'd like to give that back to the community. I would like to help someone on their journey of self-discovery through their passions, hobbies, favorite films or even anime. Because of this passion, I will continue to write, blog, and talk about the media no one else really is.

Because of this, I will continue to put myself In Asian Spaces! ☺

I sincerely hope you would consider joining me on this ride!
Thank you!
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Wow, there could be 50 of us! It would be like a small army!
We could take over a small convention center 😁.
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