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About InCase

 My name is InCase and I created this patreon to finance my wild pornographic ventures. If you like drawn porn consider throwing some money my way. 

Current projects

"Alfie" is a webcomic that attempts mixing plot and porn. It's a story about a remote halfling village coming in contact with humans for the first time. Plot jumps between Alfie and Vera. Halfing mother and daughter as they get to know a couple of humans and elves who help them... expand thier horizons. 
You can read the comic here

Where to find content:

Due to patreon's attitude towards adult art most of the art is hosted on other websites. So don't panic when you see my 'creations' section so empty. Here's where you should look:

Misc comics:

Misc images:

Sketches and WIP's:

Since I will have updates for this patreon almost every day (and due to patreon's attitude towards adult art) it would be a pain in the ass to send out updates through the patreon system. Content section of this patreon will be mostly for extra stuff, like design sketches, high res versions of pages 

Patreon content:

The way this patreon works might change over time. I'll do my best to inform everybody of what's happening and give you time to change your pledges accordingly.
100% complete
I work full time on this patreon. Doing my best to work on all of the projects I discribed on this patreon page.
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