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Let me know your listening! Every expression of genuine interest helps me to know there are people out there who appreciate  and look forward to my art.   You receive my new music not available to ...

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You get all the new Secret Songs and Moonlit Missives in High Quality format for your High Fidelity delectation...  access to back catalog and random secret...


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You get the limited editions of collected Missives at the...

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Every month me and the fine folks are in the Lune Musick Laboratorium: cutting, pasting and mailing out the Moony Magick - You get Monthly Missives with mini-cd delivered to your address of choice ...

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The Master Patron makes a hefty help to bring my creations come to a more speedy fruition!  (I've got lots waiting in the wings...)  As a Master Patron you also get monthly updates about secret pro...