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The Backbone

$1 /mo
For just a buck a month you will be entered into a raffle each quarter to receive something from the show - gun, accessory, or other interesting product. (When the giveaway item is a gun or gun par...

The Muscle

$5 /mo
You can submit questions for us to cover in a monthly Q&A video. Any subject you like, although the most interesting ones will get priority. Plus you get into the quarterly raffle.


The Starchamber

$10 /mo
Hang out with us in meat space!

We will post locations when time permits either local to us, or in other places when we are traveling (like Vegas during SHOT or DEFCON, for example). You ca...


Old West Explorers

$50 /mo
This tier gets all the perks associated with every other lower tier along with one BIG one:

Once a year Karl will setup a fully guided 2 day historical tour of Tombstone, AZ and some of th...