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Space Cadet

$1 /mo
Welcome to the armada! For one dollar per month you will get access to our Discord channel, which offers a direct link to the Indie Ranger team and other patrons. Additionally, you will get early a...


$5 /mo
You've been promoted! Along with the previous benefits you will also be added to an exclusive council. On a quarterly basis, you get to vote on which indie game your patrons will go toward via Kick...

Intergalactic Pilot

$10 /mo
Get to the hangar and grab your space ship! Along with the previous benefits you will also be granted the opportunity to contribute opinion articles to Indie Ranger. (Restrictions may apply based o...

Bridge Crew

$15 /mo
Welcome to the bridge! Here, along with all of the aforementioned bonuses, you get the ultimate say when it comes to Indie Ranger accolades. You will be included in a board of patrons who get to vo...