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Context Matters

I am a small but growing YouTube creator who creates video essays, reviews and documentaries on video games, ranging from 1980's classics to modern masterpieces.

I have a unique mix of tight editing, high production values, insightful analysis, seasoned opinions and historian-style research. One unique aspect to my videography, is how I focus on developers, the production process, and the context surrounding a game's release. I think that added information and perspective helps explain not only WHAT a game is, but WHY it is.

I try my best to create the most compelling presentation with an even-handed approach on the games and topics I cover, and I believe that ethos is perpetuated through my work.

Where Your Patreon Dollars Go

I've been humbled by the response to my work I've received so far, and if the world is willing, I'd like run this channel full-time and give my viewers much more content to watch and enjoy. Several of my viewers stated they'd be interested in supporting me in some way through donations, so I opened a Patreon account. I currently work as a full-time graphic designer and cannot realistically produce more than a video or two a month, sometimes less, depending on the scope of the video.

I've invested over $4,000 of my own money into my channel so far: stock video and audio, microphones, sound equipment, camera equipment, green screen, soundproofing, computer hardware, video editing software and other such tools so that I can create the best product I can.

What You Get as a Patron

  • Your name featured in the credits of every video I release during your patronage.
  • Monthly vlogs going over various topics, only available to watch as patrons.
  • Update articles on the progress or news of projects, their topics and the challenges or interesting things happening with my channel.
  • Exclusive wallpapers available in resolutions up to 4K.

A Little History On My Channel

Indigo Gaming is a solo YouTube project I started in May of 2016 with some less-than-stellar video game-related guides and "let's plays" of modern games. I started recording older games, and I did a scripted video about the history of the Doom series, but the channel really hit its stride with my videos on Looking Glass Studios, Diablo and Daggerfall late that year.

In 2017, I started the 'Not Forgotten' series, which covers the history, development, reception and features of games that were underappreciated or flawed enough to not get the attention or success they deserved. These include forgotten would-be classics like Advent Rising, Hellgate: London, Magic & Mayhem and Dark Earth.

More recently, I make videos on whatever topics interest me most. From quick reviews of cyberpunk-themed or post-apocalyptic games, to explorations of gaming trends or design philosophies. I've created in-depth explorations of franchises, such as my popular retrospectives on Fallout, Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy series.

To date, I've released two  feature-length documentaries, a 77-minute documentary about the Elder Scrolls, and a 105-minute god game documentary, talking about 30 years of game development history.

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or have any ideas of perks you'd like to see as a patron. Thanks for reading and have a great day!
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