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Every week the Accounting Influencers Podcast (AIP) hosts Martin Bissett and Rob Brown interview (1) a special guest from the accounting fintech world AND (2) an expert/influencer in this space. In the main show, listeners get a 5-10min highlights experience but with a lot of the details and premium content obviously left out due to time. By becoming an AIP show VIP, you get full access to both of these 25-30min interviews WITH NO ADS.

PLUS you get any bonus episodes/interviews we bring out beyond our regular schedule. This extra content is NOT available to regular listeners and subscribers. Thanks for becoming a VIP!
  • Full 20-30m AD-FREE Interviews (vz the 5-10m regular show interviews)

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AIP show hosts Martin Bissett and Rob Brown run an international  members-only mastermind group of 50+ fintech and accounting influencers called AIR - Accounting Influencers Roundtable. In our vibrant private Slack group and monthly meetings we discuss the trends, the news, the challenges and opportunities for accountants/CPAs and the clients they serve. 

We'd like to offer you a copy of Inside Track, a monthly PDF report with key talking points, insights and recommendations from inside our AIR meetings. Perfect to stay current with the accounting/fintech world, upgrade your commercial awareness and get ahead of your competition.
  • Copy of Inside Track (monthly PDF of insights from the AIR Group)
  • Full 20-30m AD-FREE Interviews (vz the 5-10m regular show interviews)
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About Accounting Influencers

The Accounting Influencers Podcast is a vibrant, edgy interview-based show hosted by Martin Bissett and Rob Brown. Its audience is accountants and CPAs, together with the networks, associations, vendors and influencers who lead them, work in them and serve them. The full show publishes Mondays, with daily segments featuring news, rants, expert and special guest interviews. To stay informed, current and even gain an edge in the accounting/fintech world, this is your #1 podcast choice.

With help from our trusted commercial partners, you get engaging interviews 'radio show' style with accounting profession influencers, disrupters and thought leaders who advise, train, serve and speak into the accounting/fintech profession. Some are experts (commentators, authors, consultants). Others are in business (suppliers, vendors and partners to accounting firms).

Each episode features frank interviews either with top leaders in accounting firms, networks and associations or with the influencers experts, vendors, advisors, experts and coaches who inspire them. Topics include leadership, value, winning work, culture, talent, sales, trust, growth, tech, digital, cloud, change, marketing, trends, performance and strategy. Guests are asked about:

DIFFERENTIATION - What do the progressive, thriving accounting firms do well and how do they position themselves?
BEST PRACTICE - How are the top accounting firms standing out, winning work and achieving growth?
TRENDS & STATS - what are the critical issues shaping accounting firms and the fintech vendor space?
CAREER & TALENT - what makes a top performer, work winner or promotable accountant in an accounting firm?
FUTURE PROOFING - what's coming up for the accounting/fintech world in the area of XX?

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