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This is a space of sharing a connection to the divine through the bridge of focused surrender.

This is non-secular but will include prayers from many traditions in appreciation of the variety of approach prayer offers. 

I believe the act of prayer is the most valuable spiritual practice for nearly everyone. It plants seeds of connection to the divine and naturally deepens that connection through the recognition of one's own limitations and the presence of that which is limitless.

Prayer Posts + Private Forum
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Our forum is hosted by Forumbee and is  a space to discuss spiritual traditions and personal development. Because of the energetic and emotional intensity of the topics, it is moderated by Geoffrey and Theresa. We post additional information on the free distance healing meditations and write-ups on specific traditions and ideologies. Our perspective on spirituality is that each path is personal. Although one size does not fit all, through understanding of the mechanisms in the form, connection to the divine and a commitment to one's own path, realization is assured.

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This tier is for people interested in support on their spiritual path. 

You‘ll have access to guided and silent meditations focused on addressing specific subtle body points and spiritual systems related to clarity and peace. You can make specific requests regarding what you are interested in. You’ll be invited to a monthly live video chat where we can talk in greater details about your goals and experiences. You’ll also have access to our private forum and receive 25% off of intuitive readings and 10% off of workshops.



About Inner Currents

Inner Currents is offering specialized meditations designed to aid with emotional healing and spiritual development. Some of these are posted publicly on Vimeo, more esoteric ones are available through our subscriptions below. We also offer access to a private forum, live video chats and a space dedicated to the discussion of prayer.

About Theresa~
Theresa has been working as a professional intuitive and healer for over a decade. She has had shifts in consciousness and experience consistent with descriptions of kundalini awakening, savikalpa samadhis, nirvakalpa samadhi and a variety of subtle body structural openings.  Her spiritual orientation when working with others rests on individualism. She therefore offers very little general advice and instead works to resolve traumas and makes changes to the subtle body by removing unnecessary material and activating existing structures. She speaks to the individualized process with an emphasis on a working system. 
Her Focus:
•I believe emotional healing and development allows for deeper and more natural expression of your true self. It also increases capacity and desire to treat others with kindness, respect and love.
•I regard service in the form of giving is an integral piece of personal development. Giving without reward, giving what is needed, giving patience, giving time, conscientiousness and selfless loving action serve the divine. I believe that altruism is attainable through personal development that includes the goal to cultivate generosity of heart.
•I value maturation as both a goal and signifier of personal and spiritual development.
•I am rooted in the importance of compassion. In part, it is accessing deeper levels of love, the self and deep understanding of self as a part of the whole. When cultivated, compassion shapes our words, thoughts and actions.
•I emphasize a personal approach over rigid belief systems. This is a clear, genuine and committed relationship with your spirituality and personal development.
•I am driven towards spiritual evolution for myself and those who want my assistance. The commitment to connect with that which is larger than what we can perceive with the desire to expand beyond what we perceive we are. I believe there are many ways this can look and many ways this can manifest. I value the courage of everyone who turns their hearts and minds toward the divine, like the face of the moon we all participate in greater illumination.

About Geoffrey~
For over 25 years Geoffrey has studied, practiced and experienced the internal realities. He has a B.A. in philosophy, and two masters degrees in Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong. He has worked as a licensed acupuncturist, owned an alternative health clinic and co-owned a flower essence company where he worked on the formulation and manufacturing of unique flower essences. His inclinations are two-fold. First, it is Geoffrey's understanding that the classical systems of Yoga, Tantra, Veda, Taoist Internal Alchemy and Tibetan Vajrayana have at their root a mechanical understanding of the human form. It is essentially the idea that the human form is a machine, albeit the most wondrous, sophisticated and glorious machine known, that the soul inhabits and experiences. If this form is understood in its many parts, in its patterns, in its relationships and in its entirety, there is great capacity for effecting change and improving one's situation. His second, and by far most important inclination, is engaging, experiencing, developing, understanding and dwelling within love in all of its many forms. Though one of his friends referred to him as "a walking occult encyclopedia," it is truly love and devotion that is the guiding force of Geoffrey's spiritual process and the underlying motivation for all other efforts and understanding.

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