Insane Spyro is creating Videos & Pictures

Red Gem

$1 /mo
Thank you so much for the support.

Coming Soon?

red gem twitch emote thing?
- Still Looking into it

Green Gem

$2 /mo
A Bigger thank you for the support, its really appreciated.

Coming Soon?

a green gem twitch thing?

-still looking into it 

Blue Gem

$5 /mo
Coming Soon

Yellow Gem

$10 /mo
on the 1st of every month you will have your name either read out or if there is to many have your name scrolling across the bottom of the video thanking you for the big donation

Purple Gem

$25 /mo
Coming Soon

Dark Gem

$50 /mo
Coming soon - a art pice will be involved

Light Gem

$100 /mo
May never happen, but will be very special rewards