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For too many people, online interactions are seen as unpleasant, toxic affairs fraught with anger and abuse. The Internet is for trolls, idiots, philanderers and advertisers, and no good will ever come from such a polarised, biased platform. Reality, of course, is that there are countless sides to every story: poetry will often be found, a breath away from trauma, brilliant stories of hope and inspiration for every nutter waving an agenda in your face. So many beautiful things can be unearthed with simply a click; digital ether absolutely crammed full of possibilities.

It is only fitting therefore I start this new journey online, first and foremost.

I am proud to call myself a published poet who has learnt her craft exclusively online. There's not just poetry either: I produce a daily Short Story on Twitter (presented in 280 character sections) which utilizes self-taken photography to illustrate these works.

I've decided to return to Patreon after a hiatus and ask you to share with me this unique view of what can be seen and felt in the world around me, both literal and virtual. If you do, I'll be asking for your help to choose the direction that some of that work will take going forward.

It won't just be poetry, however, but all the things that make my world the way it is: photography, short stories, digital LANzines, discussions about everything from media to mental health with lots of other exciting possibilities only a click away. What this is, for me, is a first step into a Universe I've always known has existed, but until now did not possess the ability to reach. With your help, support and understanding, the possibilities really are infinite.

Thank you for choosing to support me, and I promise you will NOT be disappointed.

This is OUR future, written in cosmic brilliance.

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I know that one of the most important parts of my last creative endeavour on Patreon was focussed around producing Patrons their own, very specific content. I am also aware that this is how a lot of other creators I follow are able to maintain a strong, dedicated following. Therefore, now we've managed this for a while and I'm confident the level of work involved is doable (and crucially sustainable) it is time to launch PERSONAL, which will be the means by which I provide you guys with content that is very specifically what you've asked for and want.

It is a logical extension of my Dial a Poet Service, and when complete will also act as a website hub for when people in the Real World wish to commission me for weddings, births, memorial pieces and the like. All patrons will automatically gain access to this service at the $200 earned mark, receiving a voucher that will grant them one free item from my product catalogue, the value of which will depend on their monthly pledge.

As it will take me a few months to set the back end up for business (and that I also don't expect to sell realistically in the Real World for a while) if the $200 goal is reached before I'm ready to go live, we'll conduct negotiations via email instead.

There'll be more details on this once we get close to the goal.
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