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Hi, I'm Kesh.
I'm an author (War, Momma and Me book), organic farmer, chef, and traveler. I’m on a journey to capture time. Yes, capture time. I once knew a lady who did such a thing. She lived authentically present in her daily life although from an external view life gave her many projects to complete. Whatever she did, she did with an extraordinary presence of mind and people who interacted with her marveled at that ability. She was my mother. 

Through her inspiration I learned to explore the world around me and derive from each travel adventure, stories of the human spirit in different cultures, living with different traditions, and conquering different challenges. 

This new journey has so far incorporated all my talents of writing, cooking and gardening, and makes for beautiful storytelling on my blog, at dinner parties where I cook, or on the road with lucky invitees joining me for an adventure. 

My travel style is intuitive, curious, adventurous and filled with a hunger for finding a balance between ancient knowledge and modern discoveries. 

I’ll write recommendations of places to go and how to get there on a budget, trusted local guides in some places, where to stay, or budget means of staying for fellow nomads, food places for vegan, vegetarian, or other food allergies/ restrictions

Your patronage keeps the stories happening, inspires you or others to venture out into the unknown, and at base, buys me a lunch or two when I’m not in a place with cooking privileges, or gets me a room to stay in when I’m not surfing someone’s couch. For all these and more, I thank you. 

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As I am in Turkey at the moment, a place rich with historical significance and sites, I would love to visit as many of them as possible and bring you on site knowledge through pictures, videos, food recommendations, or even local
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