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This is a story that travels through time, from ancient Mexico to Dark Ages Europe to modern day Los Angeles. A story of vampires, demons, the precious knowledge and artefacts of the arcane. The Instruments of Darkness.

Instruments of Darkness: Devourer of Souls is set in gaslit London, in 1789. It's a gothic horror story about secret societies, an Egyptian goddess of the underworld and a cabal of vampires trying to save humanity from those that created them. 

It's a dark historical fantasy that weave's it's way through London's forgotten water ways and ancient sewers, hidden temples and murderous cultists. 

Alric ap Alun's sire has gone missing whilst investigating a secret society called The Devoted of Ammit and together with his fellow vampire cohort Chi-Lan, Alric enters the city in search of his maker and the Seal of Solomon an arcane object of great power from an infamous King of Babylon.

Instruments of Darkness was born out of a love for the vampire story. From a young age I watched movies like The Lost Boys, Interview with a Vampire and read Anne Rice and Poppy Z Brite, played the roleplay RPG table top game Vampire:the Masquerade as well as creative roleplaying online.

Also,In my early 20's, i started to write a story about a young messed up girl named Sofia who was slowly being driven insane by the vampire that she didn't know existed. 

It was a very dark story from a dark time in my life but I then started to think about the world Sofia was in and the mythology of the vampires of her world. Instruments of Darkness was born and after a few false starts the project is finally gearing up for a full graphic novel, written by me and drawn by artist Camilo Ponce Garay.

With Devourer of Souls and indeed the whole of IoD I wanted to go for a gothic style, a strong inking style that lent itself to being in black and white. I grew up with black and white comics like 2000AD and later on The Crow and these comics influenced me greatly. 

Your help in creating Instruments of Darkness will allow Camilo to spend more time on the project, post up more pages of art, character designs and character pinups. Simply the more money we can give him and the other freelancers working with me, the less outside work they will have to take to pay those bills. So lets help them get paid, and help me realise my vision for IoD!!

Bonus comic series, Instruments of Darkness: The Black Hand with art by Pablo DeBonis will be unlocked at the $300 per page milestone! Help us get there!

$9 of $60 per page
This goal will allow me, the creator to pay the team for their work, cuz ya know i really hate that Camilo and Ken haven't received a reward for all their hard work.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts

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