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Hello, readers!  I created this patreon for one simple reason: my friend DemiImp.  DemiImp is a very busy person, with lots of responsibilities and people vying for his time.  Then along I come, with my stories, and say "DemiImp, spend your precious, limited free time editing my chapters because you're my friend!"  And he does, because he's a good friend like that.  He takes every chapter and rips it to shreds, calling out my bad sentences, poor grammar, and plot points that I don't properly justify.  My work becomes three times better because of what he does.

I want to compensate my friend here for his efforts, both because he deserves it and because it will speed up the whole process if I can pay him to edit my work sooner.  Right now 50% of all pledge income will go to DemiImp as compensation and motivation, while the other 50% will go to me.  Writers need motivation too!

Thanks to anybody that decides to become a patron.  The fact that you are willing to put up cash for my efforts will forever bring a tear to my eye.

My current (and first) story is Displaced, and can found for free here:

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