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Planters receive exclusive Patron-only news updates on The Happy Hill Open Documentary Project along with monthly meditations on themes of regeneration, theology and philosophy.

The Happy Hill Gardens Open Documentary Project is a film project that will tell a story connecting restorative justice, regenerative agriculture and co-creative urban design. The documentary will show where our food comes from, the hands involved in planting and harvesting it, the businesses that use the food, what happens to the food waste, and how that waste is diverted from the landfill back into our community gardens.

All Patronage for this tier goes to support this project along with monthly operations of IRDI's Renew Forsyth Network. 
  • Happy Hill Project Updates


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Gardners receive all previous patron rewards along with updates on our Living Lab Project and public recognition for your contribution to our work.

The Living Lab Project for Winston Salem: IRDI is partnering withThe Living Architecture Systems Group (LASG) andPhilip Beesley Studio Inc. to bring an immersive environment to Winston Salem, North Carolina. This project sets the stage for co-building a city-wide Living Lab initiative in collaboration with UNCA’sMedia + Emerging Technology Lab (METL).

In the first phase of this project, a next-generation architectural canopy will be installed at a location (TBD) in Winston Salem, NC. This physical installation will be accompanied by a publication containing enriched digital online content.

Patrons at this tier will receive exclusive updates on this project as well as info on the Happy Hill Open Documentary Project.

All Patronage at this tier goes to support the Living Lab Project and monthly operations of IRDI's Renew Forsyth Network.
  • Philip Beesley's Living Lab Updates
  • Happy Hill Project Updates


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Our Farmers receive all previous tier rewards plus updates on our Food Innovation Districts Project and a monthly LIVE
Q & A session with founder Eric Mathis. 

Food Innovation Districts are central to IRDI’s regional cooperative-innovation strategy – designed to facilitate the emergence of a bioregional economy across the southeast. The creation of innovation districts is a recent trend in urban planning that has emerged as a new model to stimulate economic growth in cities across the globe. Building from this successful strategy, IRDI is linking emerging innovation district strategies to regenerative development models that build restorative linkages between rural and urban settings.

Patrons at this tier will receive exclusive updates on the progress of our Food Innovation Districts Project along with updates on all other current projects listed in our Patron tiers. 

All patronage at this tier goes to support the Food Innovation Districts project and monthly operations of IRDI's Renew Forsyth Network. 
  • Monthly Livestream with Eric
  • Happy Hill Project Updates
  • Philip Beesley's Living Lab Updates
  • Food Innovation District Project
  • Updates on Eric's"Assembling Restoration" Book




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About Institute for Regenerative Design & Innovation

IRDI’s mission is to co-create local restorative economies through Regenerative Agriculture, Curriculum Design, and Health Innovation. Our vision is to activate the agriculture supply-chain by engaging local, regional, and global stakeholders in regenerative development from the soil-up.


What’s the impact of your work? IRDI’s work fundamentally changes the food supply chain to increase the health and wellness of the overall urban environment. IRDI connects cities to their rural counterparts and establishes regenerative agricultural practices. 

How are we going to spend your money? We will use your contributions to cover our monthly operating expenses and expand our team. Specifically, our operating expenses will be used to pay two IRDI folks for building our big campaign launch in the beginning of 2022 as well as providing seed funding for Triad Farmer's Network. This new urban farm co-op serves as one of the core catalyst partner's of our city's emerging Food Innovation District.

As a partner with IRDI, your contribution will directly impact local and regional economies, bringing resilience and restoration to individuals and communities in need. For more about the emerging regional economy, please watch this 2016 TEDx

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