Irina Kay

is creating fashion illustration with watercolor




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About Irina Kay

My artistic career began at the age of 11. During my childhood, drawing always fascinated me. Learning the history of art, I was impressed how traditions of drawing have changed from ancient to modern art. Like a little Cubist I had fun playing with shapes in art school. As an Impressionist I found my color palette studying at university. Later at Parsons in Paris I came closer to contemporary art experimenting with my traditional academic skills.
Watercolor is one of the most difficult techniques I studied. I was never good until I was 27. While working in a fashion magazine I didn’t draw regularly for almost 5 years. When I started to draw with watercolor again every day was a completely new life for me. My brushstrokes were bright, fast, and unpredictable. With those new feelings I started my first fashion sketches.
A lot of practice is the best way to learn watercolor. Even a million words will not give you the feeling for the right amount of “water” and “color” to mix and reach watercolors beautiful drawing effects. It helps to watch how other professionals work, then practice repeating their technique yourself.
For the past six years I have shared my skills teaching art, fashion illustration and design in Prague. Now I am starting a new page with my first ONLINE classes.