Samu is creating Event Art, New Art, and Possibly Streams!

Magical Patron!

$1 /mo
My Magical pal in crime! You help to push me further in my artistic goals. Thank you so much. 

Witchy Familiar!

$5 /mo
Another step forward! If you've reached this tier then you'll get first access to Event Art, and WIPs of Events in Progress (shh. Don't show anyone!)

Magical Apprentice!

$10 /mo
For this! You will get the ultimate, my deary! You'll get access to my Sketch Dump Pages and Largely unpublished  works! These aren't anywhere! Only for you! 

School of Witchery!

$20 /mo
You get Stream Access! I don't host streams often! So, When I do, you'll be among the first to know about 'em! You'll always get top seat for commissions or request streams! You'll get to come and ...