Isac Saleh is creating Fingerstyle Guitar arrangements of game, anime and movie music

Tab / Sheet Reward

$4 /creation
By donating 4$ or more per month you will get your favorite song arranged and receive a high quality tab / sheet.
This perk will allow you to get your song arranged first. The arrangement will ...

Tab / Sheet + Mp3 and "Requested by" Reward

$7 /creation
By donating 7$ or more per month you will in addition to getting the perk above also get an mp3 of the song performed and recorded by me on my YouTube channel.
Additionally you will get your nam...

Skype Guitar Lesson Reward

$10 /creation
By donating 10$ you will get a 45 minute lesson on Skype, where I show you how to play my arrangement. You will then play for me and I will observe, give you tips and advice and show how you can im...