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About ItsADnDMonsterNow

Hey there!

My name's Kyle, but there's a decent chance that you know me better as reddit user /u/ItsADnDMonsterNow. And I'm back!

After a ~9 month hiatus, I've been laid off from my IRL adult job, and have decided to start working on DnD stuff as my main job. That means I'm starting up the Patreon again, and I'm going to be at it every week, homebrewing new content for all you lovely patrons!

This time around, expect not only monsters and spells and items, but also one-shot adventures, classes and subclasses, and more stuff I haven't thought of yet! If any of that excites you, or if you just feel like helping this hopeless nerd on his journey to becoming an independent RPG content creator, please consider becoming a patron.

Here's some general stuff about me.

I love DnD. Ever since the first time I played, I knew it was something special, and in the years since then, I've only grown more and more obsessed with it. In early 2014, I started posting on reddit under the novelty account ItsADnDMonsterNow, creating creature entries inspired by the pictures or comments that other users posted there.

(If you haven't seen me on reddit yet, check out my subreddit /r/ItsADnDMonsterNow first! Then come chat with us at the IADnDMN Discord server!)

Within a few weeks, the account and the subreddit I set up for it took off. I started posting more and more frequently, and now I'm posting several different entries every week. Since the beginning, I've posted monsters, NPCs, items, spells, magic boons, and even the foundation for an entire setting. What started as a joke has turned into something I really and truly enjoy doing, and something that if I could, I'd do every single day until reddit's servers shut down.

So what's new this time around?

I'm taking this thing legit! — Each week, I'll be posting the same kind of content I've always done, but in addition, I'll be writing blog entries about developing more substantial homebrew as well. Homebrew like adventure modules, playable races, classes, and subclasses, and perhaps even an entire campaign setting or two!

If the patron pledges reach the necessary amounts, I'll even launch a dedicated website where I can not only post blog entries writing about my projects and processes, but I can also bundle up and sell these finished items as standalone PDFs to anyone, patron or no, at a low or pay-what-you-want price point!

If any of this sounds neat to you, then I hope you find it worth the few dollars to become a patron!

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