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is creating a series of serious and comedic political articles and videos

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In battle, our FITErs cannot survive without two primary external things: Weapons and food. And we need someone who is a master cook to keep us nourished and strong.

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Having local, regional, and national Command Compounds (figuratively) built and filled with valiant FITErs is pivotal to our FITE strategies and battle plans for victory over The Establishment.

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During this FITE, the securing of our Command Compounds and the protecting of your fellow F.I.T.E. Leadership is key to the survival of our FITErs from The Establishment’s onslaught.

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  • Your non-F.I.T.E.-Series-related 'politics and approved' video subject matter idea will be entered into a monthly drawing and the winner will have their ‘relevant’ video idea recorded and produced by us, with their name included, and posted within 30 days of the drawing! (*Recurring. You must submit your idea monthly, on or after the 1st.)





Where #FITErs risks their virtual lives to bring you the hard truths that 'The Establishment' doesn't want you to know or accept, and does it in an exclusively-dramatic and passionate way.

Almost a decade ago, our FITErs became COMPLETELY sick and tired of the insane shift in the political paradigm in America:

•  A coordinated effort to present falsehoods as truth.
•  Politicians working for corporations and not the voters who put them into office.
•  And The Establishment, who is causing #WeThePeople harm, attempting to co-opt The Resistance that is trying to save the people from them.

So we've decided to do something unique about.

Our founder created a two-prong "F.I.T.E." series which focuses on:

1.) Distributing important and potent political, business, and other information through ARTICLES and exclusive and DRAMATIC YOUTUBE® VIDEOS in order to bypass humanity's short attention span and help rescue working-class people from 'The Political Matrix'.
2.) Teaching people about the correlation between politics and business and how to use entrepreneurship to build the economic and political power needed to "F.I.T.E" The Establishment through his F.I.T.E. PLAN™ and!

It's Time to F.I.T.E.™ The Establishment! Will you join us and help him give life and information to new #FITErs? Pledge today and become one of our F.I.T.E. Leadership!
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Advertising is key, be it via word of mouth or traditional means. This monetary goal will allow for an upgraded and consistent advertising of our YouTube® channel. This will increase the spreading of this important and potent information to other potential Resistors of The Establishment and its media propaganda arm. #ItsTimeToFITE.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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