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It's More Than Poetry is a creative media hub empowering Music Artists, Poets, Entrepreneurs and Enterprises to bring their projects, showcases and visions to life. We create world class videos, short films, illustrations and photography. We also produce music, DJ and curate the finest events to gather like minds and good vibes only.

Our mission is to nurture, collaborate with and be a platform for the best emerging and established talent in our fields. To use the power of content creation to showcase experiences, tell unique stories and inspire generations, while enabling young creatives to make a sustainable living doing solely what they love. 

In becoming a Patreon you are helping us fund our 'Nurture' programme to give free and subsidised help to talent that couldn't otherwise afford content creation or gain access to media resources. You are helping us to produce ongoing events and cross-art exhibitions to showcase emerging talent. You are also enabling us to develop and produce our creative writing and visual media workshops so that we can continually bring these tools of expression and self confidence to young people across the country.

In return for becoming a Patreon we will be working with our clients and our talent to give you exclusive content via this platform only. You will gain first access to all our content releases, first access to our event ticket releases, to our opportunity giveaways, and all of our news and announcements before everyone else. You will gain exclusive discounts on all the merchandise we create, exclusive discounts on the products we co-create with our artists, musicians, fashion brands and enterprises.

We will also be giving back different levels of exclusive insight into what we do and HOW we do it. Giving away our professional knowledge to empower others who may want to gain skills and techniques in areas of what we do. You'll have the opportunity to be involved in our creative process and decision making, discussing upcoming ideas with us and depending on your chosen pledge, you'll get to SEE and LEARN HOW we direct, film, edit, illustrate, design, shoot, curate and showcase everything we exhibit and also see everything we keep HIDDEN. While taking you on our entire journey from inception to release and beyond.

If you believe in what we are doing, if would like to help make a difference and empower a world full of untapped talent, please sign up for a pledge from the selection on the right. The rewards we give back are packed full of everything contained inside of us and your help will ripple into places further than you could ever imagine. Thank you, forever :)

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It's More Than Poetry @Fourteen87 A monthly Poetry Night with a difference!
Incorporating music, board games and an after party! We would love to afford a live band a videographer, photographer and to bring you some amazing headline talent from overseas so please help us reach this target!
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