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For Those Who Have Requests For Me :)

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* You get two requests a month, you can cancel anytime :)

* A request should contain one of the following:
  -Any type of outfit (Any gender and age)
  -Hair (Any gender and age)
  -Accessories (max. number of requested accessories is 3) of any kind (Hat, bracelet, necklace, earring, glasses) for any gender and age

   -Shoes count as one accessory

*Instead of 2 requests, you can get 1 object pack of items of your choice!

   - The pack can be of any object type, both usable and decorative

   - Because it heavily depends on what objects you want, we will discuss how many you want in PM's (Here on Patreon or on my tumblr!)

If you have a different kind of request we can discuss it in PMs :)




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About Ivka Sims Creations


My name is Ivka. I am 22 years old content creator for The Sims 4 from Czech Republic. I mostly make conversions from other games like Life Is Strange, World of Warcraft, Detroit: Become human and many others.

This started as just a tiny project on tumblr. I never expected to get so many fans and followers and after few suggestions I decided to make a Patreon page. I am still just a human with a busy schedule (studying Painting and Illustration at an art school) and I am thankful for any form of support. :)
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When I reach 50 patrons, I will start making a Patreon exclusive content!
That means I will put more time and work in creating higher quality CC that will be only available to patreons. :)
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