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If you're a little critter and scuttle around looking for secrets, join this tier!
- Updates on progress, assorted news on all things Mothorial;
- See pages a week early!
- See the sketch versions of all currently public pages, as a behind-the-scenes peek into the process of creating each page!
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The nimble choice for those who are curious to meet the cast!
All previous rewards, plus:
- Access to Ask-a-Hewan, a special section in our Discord community server where you'll get an exclusive pass to ask questions to the Mothorial cast, which will be voted on by all our fellow readers to be answered in special comics!
- Write a review of the comic for all to read in the main page of the Mothorial website!
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Join the curious and excitable bat who wants to see all the secrets the world has to offer!
All previous rewards, plus:
- Access to all the current pages in the buffer - you get to read ahead of everyone!
- Access to the spoiler section in the Discord server, so you can talk the tasty, tasty details (plus a new role to your name!);
- All behind-the-scenes / WIP posts;
- Your name added as the $10+ supporter tier on the website!
- A welcoming postcard when you join the tier!
- Digital + physical versions of seasonal postcards (when available, postcard-sized, no extra fees)
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About IzzySqueakzy

Welcome! Thank you for checking out the Mothorial Patreon page.
My name is Isabel (or IzzySqueakzy), and I’ve been drawing for over ten years. My interests include western animation, animals, cuddles, and sweet and spicy food! This webcomic represents my first long-term project, and I’m super excited to share it with you all. My good friend Ari (or Metajoker) and I have been planning this story for two years, and with over four volumes of material written and one in the drawing stage, we’re finally getting close to launching! The comic will be released weekly (when possible), and as a patron, your support would help us to bring this story to life. We hope you’ll take a look at the goodies we have available to our patrons, and we are super excited to bring you years of adventures and entertainment!

Mothorial is a fantasy webcomic, chronicling the adventures of Ava, a spunky bat hewan, and her ever-weary caretaker Ackerley, a goose-pheasant librarian. Born into a world where an uneasy peace is slowly being disrupted by a mysterious group known as "The Younger's Kin", Ava is thrust from her quiet life in the idyllic town of Mosswood into a quest, spanning the continent of Mothorial, full of danger, adventures, and mysterious forces from beyond the realm of reality itself. Along the way, she and Ackerley will meet new friends (and enemies) in a conflict waged since the beginning of the universe that intertwines their lives and fates in ways beyond their comprehension.
At its core, Mothorial is a story about love, and the experiences that bind us and make us family. In this world, just like in the real one, the choices that every character makes and the lives that they've lived are complex; whether they are a hero or a villain (if there are any true villains in this world), each hewan has a story to tell, and sometimes the solutions to the dangers they face are not cut and dry.
While this comic is formatted as a weekly-released webcomic, it has been written with the intention of featuring intricate plotting and character arcs; there is a clear end goal and an idea of how long it will take us to reach a natural and satisfying conclusion.

Developing a webcomic of this scope takes a lot of time, and your support will not only ensure that we can release a page every week, but also that we can deliver the kind of quality that we strive for in our work. Mothorial is by no means our only job, so the more help we get, the more time we will be able to put into the comic and the more content we will be able to deliver! Like any artist, our dream is to be able to turn our creativity into a profitable venture, and assistance from people like you is the most direct and effective way to get there!
Mothorial is, and will always be, free to read, but by supporting us, you will not only get plenty of fun rewards (as detailed below!) but also ensure that we can continue to tell this story for years to come.

Mothorial couldn’t exist without your support, so we want to make sure you get some bang for your buck! At just 2 dollars in support a month, you get access to comics a week before anybody else does! From there, we have a lot of exciting rewards and incentives, including:

  • Access to an expansive community, allied through Mothorial and other awesome fantasy furry comics;
  • Concept art and exclusive content expanding the world of Mothorial;
  • Adding your personal characters into the comic;
  • Personal art drawn by me, the comic’s artist;
  • Early access to pages;
  • Seasonal posters;
  • And other goodies as they come!

We also plan on adding additional incentives as time goes on and our resources grow, such as exclusive Patreon comics (including glimpses into the lives of some of the secondary characters of the main comic), and even physical rewards!

We are incredibly excited to meet all of you and get a chance to check out your amazing work! Thank you so much for your time and support. Cheers!

$640.87 of $800 per month

This covers personal accomodation and food, independently of earnings from commissions!
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