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Paper Tier 

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  • Access to High rez Commissions and Patreon Exclusive Images.
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Bronze Tier

  • Optional sketched headshot icon or Bean image for every month you are a Patreon.
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I am a Digital artist and I spend hours a day working on my craft.
Twitter: @JBCBlank | Instagram: @JBCBlank 

Gallery: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/jbcblank/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTaVa9umTrtEAvRfU...

I use a Pay upfront system here on my Patreon. 
I have had a few fraud Patreons and want to do what I can to keep that from happening again. 
You have been informed. 
All rewards are to be emailed to each Patreon after first payment at the end of every month. 

I am JBCBlank, a digital artist who specializes in Anthropomorphic animals. The goal of this Patreon is to improve my existing equipment in order to bring out not only the best art but more youtube content and higher quality work. 

There isn't much I want to change but yes things I want to add. I would like to add some traditional work to my Youtube channel. For this, I will be needing a new camera in order to record long time lapses as my current camera only records for 10 minutes before stopping. 

The ultimate goal for me is to be able to afford a Mobile studio Pro. To be able to work on commissions whenever and where ever I may be. And that will be my work computer and if necessary I will finish on the desktop. 

However, let it be noted that I have started an 8-hour job that allows me only a half an hour for lunch as is the minimum required by law and I have no breaks. So this means that I get home so tired. I am lowering the expectations of my patreon until such time as I gain enough money from it, to not have to work. 

Thank you for your time.
$51 of $100 per month
I want to do more with my Youtube channel and my art. 
These rewards can not go into effect until the goal is reached, as such, only patreon individual rewards will be given. 

  • 2 Youtube TimeLapses a month. (one on the 1st Tuesday and one on the 3rd Tuesday)
  • 3 Patreon Exclusive images (1 MLP Fanart, 1 Exclusive Wallpaper, 1 Exclusive furry image)
  • 1 Vlog a month (On the last Tuesday of the month)
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