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$1 /mo
Access to Private Patreon Stream, Early Access, Ad-Free Links, & Occasional "Focus Group" Emails

This is where you’ll get patron-only updates and where I will be able to...


$5 /mo
Thank You in Video Credits

Your name will appear in the credits of a video toward the end of every month that your pledge is collected! Also, you will receive all the perks ...


$10 /mo
Personalized Postcard

Once a month I will write you a personalized thank you note on a postcard and mail it to the address you provide! Also, you will receive all the perks ...

Video Greeting

$20 /mo
Personalized Video Greeting

Once a month I will record a short personalized video greeting (approximately one minute, filmed on my computer or phone camera), thanking you an...

Your Choice

$30 /mo
Your Choice of One ASMR Trigger in a Video on My Channel

Once a month I will publish a trigger assortment video on my channel that includes one ASMR trigger of your choosing...