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I've never liked asking people for money, nor liked the pressure of sales--from either side of the table. I've joined here to share my written creations; mostly stories of speculative fiction. While patronage is certainly appreciated, I will be gratified just to share my work with you. No content will be restricted. Thanks for reading




I am a full-time, self-published author. As you might imagine, this isn't the most lucrative line of work. There are some upsides, though. I have to manage and direct my own growth and productivity, a task that is as rewarding as it is difficult. I also get to spend my time pursuing a career in something that I am incredibly passionate about; the written word, to me, is magical. We humans use this device to share ideas, tell stories, codify our laws, verify shared understanding, and so much more.
     As to why I'm here, on Patreon: I really like to write, to share my writing, and to get feedback on it.  The potential income component doesn't hurt, either. Every story is a new experience and adventure, each an experiment that lends to the creation of the next. The impressions of readers can accelerate this growth, and the act of sharing these creations gives them a life beyond their murky conception within my mind. 

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