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  You could say that I am an artist of sorts. I live in Austin, Texas. Currently, I am trying to put myself through college at The Art Institute of Austin (I am earning my Bachelors in Audio Production) so that I can go on making a living doing what it is that I love most: creating.

  I've been making YouTube videos for a quite a while now, and I believe with each upload I am growing in my craft. While my numbers don't reflect great success, I believe that my tenacity reflects a certain work ethic that goes far beyond the typical webcam teenage musician. It really is hard work. The sleepless nights, the rejection, the failures. But it's all worth it, because I know in my heart that it's what I am meant to do. 

   Everything you see in my videos is 100% me. From shooting, to editing, to writing, to silly dancing and more. I believe in blurring the line between simple home movies and engaging production. I try and present the audience with a level of transparency out of respect. No fancy sets or equipment, just a boy in his room, trying to share his music. I may not be the most popular or successful person at what I do; but it's a learning experience, and with your help, I can continue to grow and bring you content all the while.

  I will be using the funds I get from your support to make my content better with every upload. I am currently shooting all of my videos on a iPod, most all of my instruments (there are a lot of them) are old and damaged in one way or another, and every time I edit a video, my computer crawls along as it tries to keep up. Through all of these hurdles, I've never let them stop me from making my art; and with your help, we can make something better.

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