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Handmade *Tacky AF* Holiday card signed/designed by Moi sent to YOUR mailbox 📬

Please also enjoy the following...
  • 🎥👁👄👁 My Weird Month! Monthly vlog series where I recap the weird and wonderful things I experience each month!
  • 🔍🤫 Access to Patreon Lens!  Like instagram stories but it's for your eyes ONLY!  I share all of my deepest darkest secrets here....
  • ⏳🎥 Early Access to vids I post on Youtube/Insta! You get 'em before the rest of the world does!
  • 🗳🤘The Power! To vote on what I make next...
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BTS vids of my Xmas past, present, & future....

Circle, circle, dot, dot, now you have...
  • 🎬🤷🏻Tiny Weird Videos!  Adventures for your eyes, ears, nose and/or mouth! MONTHLY video will be either... 
    • A Creative Adventure! Maybe I'll write a song! Maybe I'll attempt a TikTok Dance?! Maybe I'll attempt to paint the Mona Lisa?! Maybe I'll succeed?! Maybe I'll fail?! WHATEVER happens, I'll *definitely* make an [award winning] film about it! 
    • A Kitchen Adventure!  Tag along for an adventure in cooking where I'll try out unique recipes from ALL over the world (and The Internet!)  Some will be delicious, some will be nutritious, ALL of it will be (you guessed it) an adventure™️!                      
    • A GRAB BAG Adventure! An adventure of YOUR choice!! Pitch ideas! Vote on your fave! And within reason (and safety!) I'll *adventure* it!
  • 🐟📚FULL ACCESS "Alan Reads A Book Audio Series" 12 archived episodes featuring interviews with special guests and of course nuggets of wisdom from Alan's tiny fish brain. 
  • EVERYTHING in the previous tiers! 
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Party People™️

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You've got ...

    • 📸✍️🐶🐟 Welcome postcard!
    • 📸🌷☀️🍁⛄️ FOUR seasonal family portraits with personalized notes! (Art Directed by moi)
  • 🧩✂️MONTHLY Virtual Game/Craft Nights! 
  • EVERYTHING in the previous tiers!                       
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About Jaime Lyn Beatty

Welcome friends! 
Behind these [Internet] doors lies a world full of tiny lil adventures.... By joining us here, you'll unlock a boatload of  ✨beautifully dumb✨#ART made exclusively for YOU! Such as....
  • 🎥🤸🍳MONTHLY Tiny Adventure vids! 
  • 🎥👁👄👁MONTHLY vlog series entitled  "My Weird Month™️"!
  • 🤝MONTHLY hangouts, show n'tells, Q&As ! 
  • ✍️Handwritten postcards and very dumb photo shoots! 
  • 🚢🧊💕That one time (Nori and I) remade the movie Titanic using props from home! 
  • 🎶Original music videos and covers!
  • 🎨Handmade art! 
  • 🎬A BTS pass to never before seen projects from my past/present/& future! 
  • 🎧🐟📚The fictional audio series...."Alan Reads A Book". Alan (the fish) and a special guest (!) read a picture book while waxing poetic about the meaning of life! Let the dulcet tones of Alan's teeny voice inspire you...
But that's not ALL! Most importantly, you'll be a part of a community of some of the most creative and inspiring humans I've ever met...YOU! And let me just say, as an only child, this kid right here ⬇ is lucky to get to know you & have such an awesome Patreon fam...

Cheers to the weird lil adventures ahead! 🌈


Jaime Lyn (The Human), Nori (The Dog) Frupert (The Puppet)

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