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About JP Corwyn

Welcome to Corwyn's Cadre!

Let me lead off by saying thank you. You, yeah, YOU - the one reading this. You're the reason I do this - the reason I GET to do this.

Just wanted to say thanks, while I had you all to myself.

To the long-time fans; it's excellent to see you (because I absolutely had to lead off with a blind joke, didn't I?) You know that I sing already, and you likely know that I'm writing fiction...I mean; why else would you be here? :) Give me a second to catch the new folks up.

To you new arrivals asking, "JP Who?" Hi, I'm JP Corwyn. See that bit above about me writing and singing? Well; pretty much everything I do is a means to that end - I play guitar and write stories. To date; most of them have been set to music. I've begun, however, to write fiction - high and dark Fantasy, mainly. The first collection is titled "The Cycle of Bones." There are lots of others to follow, so stick around.

...oh, you mean OTHER than that. I'm legally blind - no drive-ee-drive-ee. That guy in SW Florida driving the Lexus? Yeah, not me. The guy DRIVING like he's blind, in the Vette on the M4? Still not me. I was born in NY, out on Long Island, moved to Florida for the latter part of my pre-adult life, then hit DC for a few years. Now I'm back in Florida - when I'm not in the UK, the studio, out touring, or the like.

Like most people, I have a "Dork Side(TM)". Like most people, my Dork Side alter ego has a little apartment in my head which he lives in. He decorates the walls with posters and signed movie prints, and autographs - very Dork-chic, and EVERY now and again he comes out to blink in the sun, and go see a new movie or video game release (yes, the blind guy plays video least, the ones he can see) and so on.

I love history, language, culture, sci-fi, fantasy, and anything that makes me think about or feel something.

What I need - what I don't have enough of - is time. I'm scrambling to unearth opportunities, carrying my desktop PC from literally country to country so my accessibility software is always with me, and looking to capitalize on all of the chances life, passion, and effort present to me.
Those things require time. It takes me hours to do online what it takes a sighted person 20 or 30 minutes to knock out. It takes me time to get from point A to point B via either public transport or arranging to schedule with friends and family. It also costs money to effectively self-publish and/or (if we're talking about music,) self-produce.

Enter Patreon. 

There will likely be tweaks here and there as new ideas present themselves, or old ones prove less popular, but the goal will always be the same. Cool stuff for my Patrons, and the sorts of rewards that don't become a job in and of themselves for me to maintain and fulfill.

If you have any suggestions; I'm all for hearing them.
Thanks for stopping by and considering becoming a Patron! And, as always,
Thanks for all the Electricity

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This first goal will cover the costs of an assistant, which will help to increase my visibility on Social Media, and allow me to put out more work into the aether, faster, overall. It's the first step toward my longer-term goal as a self-published author.
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