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About JPLRepo

If you play the game Kerbal Space Program and you have installed mods you might want to try out some of my mods.
TAC Life Support
Tarsier Space Technology
Endurance (Interstellar)
JSI Advanced Transparent Pods
Loading ToolTips Plus

Maintaining, expanding and updating these mods takes a lot of time and does have it's costs.
Even though I am a Developer now for KSP, I do all my mod work in my SPARE time and I am not paid for it. Except for anyone willing to sponsor me here.

I have a vast background in Computer Technology, Development and Design and in my spare time like applying my talents to creating and maintaining Kerbal Space Program mods.
If you enjoy my mods, would like specific features, changes or even have ideas for new mods and you can spare a little cash than that would be always welcome and appreciated to cover my costs and time. This is not payment for software, this is a contribution to my operating costs.
I will continue to build and maintain my mods for free for you to enjoy.
But, If you can't spare any cash, that's cool too. I'm not looking for money to do what I do with Kerbal Space Program mods. I do it for the pleasure of seeing my creations and getting feedback from those that use them.

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