JP SylvrWolfe Tovar is creating Videos and Vlogs

Easy Does it

$1 /mo
That warm fuzzy feeling of making a man happy to give you more.  This is the donation level of someone who really cares, but can't exactly afford a huge commitment.  I get it! Money's tight!  And f...

Supporting the Pack

$5 /mo
Ding!  Time to get your name mentioned.  I'll add a scrolling crawl to my Beam Stream and my YouTubes to thank my contributors who give $5.00 or more!'s an extra internet p...

Heavy Hunting

$10 /mo
So, you get your name mentioned on the crawl, and I'll be happy to record a personal greeting for your outgoing Voicemail or maybe set you up with some kind of personal Video greeting.


Lead the Hunt

$50 /mo
Fifty buck a Month! WAHOO!!! You guys are the greatest!  Please feel free to decide on a game, and we'll direct the money in that direction!  Directly!

Special Status

$100 /mo
Now we're cooking. Point out what you want to see us do now!  Something outside of the norm?  Sure, we can swing that!

Give me your ideas, and this time I will actually do them!

Beta Status!

$500 /mo
You're the boss.
You get to pick the game! (I will do a featured Let's play at least once a month, however many days that may take until I get bored or until I find myself banging my head into t...

Alpha Status!

$1,000 /mo
With you around, who needs a boss?

You get it all, and you get your name in lights.  Everything I reward everyone else with, as well as having your personal likeness/chosen image up on the "...