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About J Perm

Hi, I'm Dylan, also known on YouTube as J Perm! I make Rubik's Cube tutorials, such as How To Solve a 4x4, Intuitive F2L in 6 minutes, Blindfolded, One Handed, and many videos on how to get faster at these, such as the video about Cross in 8 moves and my extensive F2L pdf.

Why I make videos:

I want to help cubers, which is why I make tutorials and reply to comments when I feel I can be useful.
My goal is to create fun and comprehensive resources on speedcubing improvement.

How you can support me:

I want to take a difficult concept like F2L, and explain it in a way that is so simple that you end up learning it by accident in 6 minutes. With the planning, filming, editing, trashing, and redoing to get it just right, each video takes several days of work.

The money I make from Patreon allows me to reduce my hours at my job (tutoring has flexible hours) and spend that time making videos instead. So in a sense, the money goes directly to helping my channel have a consistent upload schedule, with the best content I can produce.

I quit tutoring! Of course, that means that your support would be more important now than ever, as I now solely rely on the channel for income. Patreon has always been about helping me get more time for making videos, and I think the next step is to hire an editor. Editing videos is still a huge amount of work, and I hope to be able to make more content if I could dedicate more of my time to creating instead of editing!

What you get in return:

By helping me, obviously you'll see me upload more often, but there are also special rewards. You can see these in more detail in the rewards section.

🆕 Monthly patron-only blog post. Past posts include updates about cubing and the channel, as well as thoughts about life.
💬 Access to our official community Discord and a Discord role!
❤️ Have your name in the description + end of the video.
🔍 Once a month, I can look at your solves and give you advice.
📺 Monthly live streams group calls (2-3 hours) where we can hang out and chat!
🤷 Possibly more in the future!
$667.41 of $800 per month
A little while after hitting the $600 goal I quit my other job! Over the next while I want to see if Youtube can be a stable source of income, and $800 is almost as much as I made doing part-time tutoring. Also, I hope to free up more time for making videos by hiring a video editor in the future!
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